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Our Mission

"It's Bigger than Golf!". Golf Lab Solutions, Inc. seeks to break the color barrier, education, accessibility, and economic barriers
to golf. Golf Lab Solutions, Inc. was created to make it easier for children to access golf.

We plan to do this by:
  • Hosting tournaments for grade school children
  • Creating a network of Student Golf Clubs in local schools 
  • Funding golf course and tournament fees
  • Providing professional equipment & training
Golf Club and Ball
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In 2023 the barrier for entry for golf remains high. The main barriers are financial, accessibility, and technology gaps. Minorities were unable to play in the PGA until 1961. Lee Elders was the first Minority golfer to play in the Masters in 1975. Currently, only 3 percent of golfers are Minorities, and 9.5 percent of professional golfers are Minorities. Golfers are more likely to finish college, with 75 percent of golfers having Bachelor's degrees. Georgia currently ranks 14th with professional golf jobs.

Golf Course Aerial Shot
Image by mk. s
Our Vision:

Our vision is to have more minority students interested in golf by creating a network of student clubs. The clubs will have access to our facility and mentorship. Students can improve their skills to gain college scholarships through access to our facility. The mentorship will allow students to be college ready and gain life skills. The game of golf is very focused, so it will allow children to work on mental health when it comes to conflict. We want students to take the skills they learn from Golf Lab Solutions, Inc. and golf and apply them to life. 

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